Renting Slot Machine Hardware Vs. Software

AllJ Slots offers an alternative to renting slot machine hardware, with many features specifically designed for companies at trade shows and expos

Slot Machine Rental

AllJ Slots is a great tool to use to draw people over to your table or booth at your trade show. Rather than renting a slot machine, our software provides more flexibility than traditional slots hardware. Setting the slot machine reels to include images of your prizes, products and services, and even your corporate logo, provides a level of branding you won't find elsewhere.

AllJ Slots 2.2 Key Features

  • Realistic Slot Machine Action
  • Attention Getting Slots Audio
  • Customize Reel Images, Corporate Logos & Prizes Images
  • Prize Giveaway Control (Great for Trade Shows)
  • Built-in Lead Retrieval Options
  • Single Button & Touch Screen Play
  • Hidden Grand Prize Triggers (Wireless Controller Support)
  • Customizable Audio Events
  • Built-in Spin/Play Simulation Tools
  • Thermal Receipt & Prize Printer Support
  • IGT/Suzo-HAP Button & Keyboard Support
  • Admin Login & On-Screen Setup Facilities
  • Built-in Idle Nag Features (Audio and Visual Events)
  • Built-in Tracking, Logging & Statistical Reporting Tools
  • Does Not Require an Internet Connection
  • Download the User Guide to see more
Custom Slot Machine Video


Draw more traffic to your table or booth

custom slot machine software trade show Run the AllJ Slots Software on a laptop or PC, or integrate AllJ Slots with a slot machine case. You can also display the game play on a high profile wide screen to get more attention.

Customize the spinning reels with images of your prizes, your company logos, products & services, etc. Apply your branding, and customize the audio to generate the perfect level of excitement that's sure to get attention!


Controlling frequency, prize imagery, the number of prizes awarded, and more...

custom slot machine prize control You can also set a limit on any of the prizes that will be awarded, and AllJ Slots manages it for you.

For example, if you have 1 Grand Prize and 20 Tshirts, you will be able to set the maximum number of times a particular Prize (pay-line) will hit. Once that limit has been reached, the game will simply avoid that pay-line.

This allows you to give away exactly the number of prizes you have to award.


Also compatible with popular "Single Button" play interfaces

USB Griffin Button used for slot machine software spin The Griffin's USB Button (shown on left) allows you to simplify the play experience with a "press to play" approach. The button is Plug-n-Play, costs around $40-$50, and can be purchased at
This seems to be the most popular approach at trade shows and vendor fairs.


AllJ Slots is also compatible with popular wireless powerpoint controllers, giving you the ability to take advantage of some of the hidden response features supported by the software.

powerpoint controller used for slot machine software control A Wireless Powerpoint Controller will allow you to take advantage of PLAY/PAUSE/RESET functions, as well as a secret JACKPOT TRIGGER option supported by AllJ Slots. These controllers cost around $35-$250, and can be purchased at Be sure to select a model that supports the ESC and F5 functions (the PR-EZ1 works nicely).

AllJ Slots is a very effective way to draw potential customers to your table or booth. The prize giveaways, exciting audio events and realistic visuals, all add a level of life & excitement that's sure to get lots of attention. Download the trial version HERE and try it out.