AllJ Slots Gallery

AllJ Slots offers a powerful set of tools that will allow you to customize your slot machine experience

AllJ Slots 2.2 Key Features

  • Realistic Slot Machine Action & Audio
  • Customize Reel Images, Corporate Logos, Prizes, Screens, etc.
  • Scripted/Fixed & Random Pay Line Modes
  • Built-in Tracking, Logging & Statistical Reporting Tools
  • Built-in Lead Retrieval Capture
  • Supports 1,2 & 3 Coin/Token Plays
  • Trade Show Prize Play Modes
  • Precise Prize Giveaway Control
  • Compatible with Popular "Single Button" Play Interfaces
  • Wireless Controller Support (Pause, Play & Three Level Secret Jackpot Triggers)
  • Built-in Simulation Tools (Tests Odds/Pay-out Ratios)
  • Customizable Audio Events (Per Pay Line)
  • Complete Pay Line Control
  • Custom Grand Prize Event Control
  • Pay Line Tracking/Reporting
  • Live Coin Hopper Control
  • Live Coin/Bill Acceptor Control
  • Thermal Receipt & Prize Printer Support
  • Touch Screen Compatible
  • IGT/Suzo-HAP Button & Keyboard Support
  • Admin Login & On-Screen Setup Facilities
  • Built-in Idle Nag Features (Audio and Visual Events)
  • Does Not Require an Internet Connection
  • Download the User Guide to see more

AllJ Slots Customer Gallery

Exhibitor Booth Ideas This is a collection of just some of the wonderful slot machine customizations that our customers have created. We always ask for pics from their events.

Exhibit Booth Idea Fun Theme w/ Small Push Button to Play
This customer utilized one of the fun themes included with the software. They also used a laptop to run the software and placed it under the booth out of sight.

Tradeshow Exhibitor Booth Ideas Custom Kiosk w/ Pull Arm
This customer created a custom vertical kiosk to take advantage of the automatic portrait mode and touch screen support. They also integrated a pull arm for a full slot machine effect.

Tradeshow Exhibitor Booth Ideas Great Booth Presence
This customer purchased a large illuminated push button (from for customers to come up and spin to win. They created custom reel images and custom screen imagery to provide a complete branded experience. They used a laptop to power the software and placed it under the booth.

Tradeshow Exhibitor Booth Ideas Slot Machine Full Case Integration
If you have the resources, the software has all the tools needed for it to be back fitted into a real slot machine case.

This customer placed a computer monitor against the inside of the glass, and mounted a motherboard inside the slot machine to run the AllJ Slots software.

Tradeshow Exhibitor Booth Ideas Slot Machine Large Screen & Prize Legend
This customer used a elegant white large screen, custom imagery, and created a legend to display on a tablet.

Tradeshow Exhibitor Booth Ideas Slot Machine Wall Mounted Screen
This customer mounted a screen and used a large push button. They created fun custom imagery to compliment the imagery on the reels.

Tradeshow Exhibitor Booth Ideas Slot Machine Custom Kiosk
This customer had a custom kiosk created with built-in illuminated play button.