Customizable Video Slot Machine Software (AllJ Slots 2.2 for Windows Versions XP,7,8,10)

Introducing the Only Slot Machine Software Package That Allows You to Create a Completely Customized Slot Machine Experience!

  • Prize Giveaway Control, Wireless Jackpot Control, LED Light Beacons, and more... The Perfect Trade Show Booth Attention Getter!
  • Custom Reel Imagery, Brandable Panel Themes & Custom Pay Line Audio Events (easy setup!)
  • USB Button & Touchscreen Gameplay Support

Branding Your Video Slot Machine

Use your own company logos, promote your organization's products & services, and even include images of the prizes you're giving away with Pay Charts & Prize Legends

Establish Desired Prize Frequency

Built-in tools let you customize your Desired Prize Giveaway Frequencies, and even script the payout behavior, giving you complete control of your prizes and excitement levels.

Hardware Integration

AllJ Slots 2.2 is compatible with Touch Screens, Jackpot Beacon Lights, Griffin USB Buttons, Wireless Jackpot Controllers, Thermal Prize Receipt Printers and more...
Beacon Light for Slot Machine


Download the free trial version HERE. It will let you configure & test all of the features offered by the AllJ Slots 2.2 software.

License AllJ Slots 2.2 Online Now!

Purchase and activate your license HERE. Each license comes with one year of free version updates!
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The Complete Slot Machine Software

Custom Slot Machine Video AllJ Slots is the most versatile slot machine software package available. It's perfect on a PC or Laptop for fundraisers, prize giveaways, getting attention at a trade show or expo with Las Vegas - like excitement levels! It can even be used for building your own fully functioning slot machine.

Customize your audio, your spinning reel imagery, and set your prize giveaway limits. We've also integrated various hardware components (coin and bill acceptors, credit boards, thermal prize printers, pay line triggered light beacons, and more...) that make it possible for you to build your own slot machine.

Take a look at our full features list HERE or watch our feature VIDEO.